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There are currently 3 glitches, and one can happen in different ways.

What's New Edit

On January 26, 2020, the Slime Toy Glitch was introduced.

Dervish Slime Glitch Edit

Dervish Slimes can sometimes become translucent. When this happens, You can't pick them up, even when you don't have a full inventory.

Slime Toy Glitch Edit

Invisible Slime Toys Edit

If a slime toy stays in its location for around 25-55 minutes, it will become invisible and noncarriable.

Hostile Toys Edit

When a slime toy stays outside of any corral and sits where it is for around 20-45 minutes, it will become somewhat harmful.

Slime Toy Uncabbables Edit

Untabbable Toys Edit

When Slime Toys sit for around 30-50 minutes, it will become untabbable.

Slime Toys and Unengagement Edit

Slime Toys can react to an unengagement system, which causes a glitch.

Gordo Glitch Edit

Gordos may pop at this moment, but suddenly, they disappear and can't be popped until the next 50 days of the game.

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