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Here you can talk about stuff, chat and much more! one fact is that there are rules to the wiki!

Rules Edit

  1. Don't Swear
  2. Don't Bully
  3. Don't Post Inappropriate Images
  4. You Can Post Off-Topic Stuff
  5. Don't Say You Hate Candie Puffs, Honey Phosphor Largos Or Hunter Slimes

Pages By Me Edit

Avery the Honey Phosphor Largo

Lucy The Ruffle Slime

Hawaii At Night

Pages By My Brother Edit

Pink Slimes are a Beast!


Boom Slime's got a Counterpart!

World of Phosphors

Meow Meow! Our Kitty Cats! Edit

Theon (male)

Florence (female)

Ruffin (male)
IMG 20200117 185316

Me And Ruffin

IMG 20200117 174735

Me And Theon

IMG 20200117 185358

Me And Florence

Easter Eggs Edit

"Duskit" From Loomain Legacy, Doesn't Appear On Any Pages Except The Images Page.

The "Pink Slimes Are A Bully" Page Always Appeared On "Random Page" And Was Later Fixed.

Easter Eggs (Different Fandoms) Edit

Go To A Random Page On Slime Rancher Fandom, Im Shown As A Moderator!

People On The Pokemon Fandom Hate Me.

Same With The PVZ Fandom.

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